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If you live or work in our niche of Northwest Georgia and Metro Atlanta, and you’re looking to secure the services of a professional, knowledgeable home exteriors contractor, look no further than My Roof and Home. We have vast experience in all your major needs for home renovations, including new or replacement siding. We also know what it takes to perform high-quality construction work in our unique Northwest Georgia climate. Weather in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway is different than the weather anywhere else in Georgia. Your friends from My Roof and Home are experienced in local climate patterns, and know just how to install your new siding, roofing, gutters, or windows to look beautiful now, and protect your home’s exterior well into the future. Call the best local siding contractors today!

What’s the best kind of home siding?

Type of Siding
Cost of Raw Materials
(per sq/ft)
Cost of Pro Installation
(per sq/ft)
Weatherproof Rating: 1
 (poor) – 10 (amazing)
Life Expectancy (in years)
Total Value Rating: 1 (poor) – 10 (amazing)
Vinyl Siding$2.50 – $5.00$1.50 – $4.50715-307.50
Fiber Cement$2.00 – $5.50$4.00 – $7.00735-507.75
Aluminum$3.00 – $6.00$2.00 – $5.00730-507.90
Steel$3.00 – $6.00$2.00 – $5.50730-507.75
Composite$2.00 – $6.00$4.00 – $7.00735-507.50
Faux Stone$6.00 – $20.00$9.00 – $11.00730-506.25
Stucco$5.00 – $7.00$3.00 – $6.00750 or more7.50
Wood Siding$2.50 – $8.00$2.00 – $7.00350 or more6.50

When you’re looking at getting new home siding, or replacing your current siding, there are many things to consider when you’re trying to decide what kind of siding to get. There are many different kinds of siding, and each one has its own sets of pros and cons. Some types are cheaper to buy, but more expensive to install. Some are costlier but have a much longer life expectancy.

These statistics were based off national averages. Your particular area may differ to do geographical and economic differences, as well as the degree of difficulty in performing professional siding installation on your home. For siding estimates in North Metro Atlanta, call the team at My Roof and Home at 770-243-5700.

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Every Type of Siding – Every Type of Home or Business

If you’ve ever had your siding replaced, or installed new siding, you know that there are a lot of options for new siding. Similarly, there are a lot of options for siding installation. We would be humbled and honored if you would consider letting the professionals from My Roof and Home give you a Free Estimate on your upcoming home exteriors project. Whether you need residential siding contractors, or you’re getting new or replacement siding for your business, it helps to know that you’ve put your home in the hands of trusted professionals. Our skill, experience, and craftsmanship are second to none. If you need Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia’s best siding contractors, call My Roof and Home! Our professionals have experience in every major type of siding, including, but not limited to the following:

Vinyl Siding

This modern advancement has endured several modifications since its initial popularity in the late 1950s. Thick, durable, and relatively inexpensive, Vinyl Siding may be perhaps the most versatile Siding on the market. Vinyl Siding can mimic just about any look, color, or style you want. More Versatile, less expensive products make this beautiful option quite appealing for many homeowners and business owners in our area.

Fiber-Cement Siding

Another versatile siding material, Fiber-Cement Siding is a favorite amongst homeowners and siding contractors alike. Older homes with this material, especially those built before the late 1980s, may have been susceptible to asbestos problems. But today’s much improved Fiber-Cement Siding is low-maintenance, termite and flame resistant, and stays beautiful for years to come.

Wood Siding

For homeowners who want their humble abode to have an authentic, Earthy feel, nothing beats Wood Siding. Wood Siding can stay beautiful and protect your home for a decade, or up to ten decades, if maintained properly. If you love the look and authenticity of Wood Shake, Wood Shingle, or Bevel Siding, we can help!

My Roof and Home is one of the highest-rated, fastest-growing, exterior construction and home renovation companies in Northwest Georgia and Metro Atlanta. If you’re looking for Siding Contractors in Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, or Harmony on the Lakes, the professionals from My Roof and Home can help! Call us today!