New Home Windows

Does your home or business need new windows? Whether you’re replacing old windows, need new windows for a new home, or you’d like to improve the look and efficiency of your windows, the pros from My Roof and Home can help make your New Home Windows project amazing!

New Home Windows – Professional Installation

No Dream Home is complete without amazing windows. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then windows must be the soul of your home. Would you like a beautiful casement window that eliminates traditional panes? How about a Double-Hung Window for a beautiful Victorian or Colonial home? Wouldn’t you love the ease and beauty of a sliding window above your garden tub, so you could let a cool summer breeze in without even having to stand up? Perhaps you’re into traditional windows, or even window combinations. With all the new advancements in modern home windows, you can make your home more beautiful, more secure, and more energy efficient all at once! Of course, you’ll need Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia’s #1 New Home Windows Installation company, My Roof and Home!

What Are The Best Windows For A Home?

Types of Windows


Wooden Frame

-Classic, beautiful look and feel

-Can be matched perfectly to home

-Great insulation abilities

-Hard to seal over time

-High maintenance level

-Subject to rotting

Vinyl Frame

-Less expensive than wood

-No need to be stained or painted

-Can lower energy bill

-Can’t be stained or painted

-Limited design options

-Prone to Pressure Cracks

Casement Style

-Totally unobstructed view

-Good ventilation & cleaning

-More airtight than double hung

-Window crank feels old school

-No room for window AC Unit

-More exposure to weather

Double Hung

-Both Sashes open & slide

-Great for circulation

-Easy to clean

-May not keep out cold air

-Sliding Tracks may rust

-Sash Spring fails over time

Single Hung

-Look like Double Hung

-Cost less than Double Hung

-Sealed Top Sash keeps out cold

-Only Bottom Sash Moves

-Difficult to thoroughly clean

-Poorer Ventilation

Fixed or Picture

-Great if you need lighting

-Airtight sealing possible

-Available in decorative designs

-Zero ventilation

-Can be difficult to clean

-Vulnerable to breakage

We encourage you to schedule a Free Estimate your local Window Installation expert—My Roof and Home! With a little time, patience, and dedication, you can find the absolute best windows for your home!

Replacement Windows Can Change the Look and Efficiency of Your Home

There are several reasons why someone might be interested in replacing the windows in their home or business. Perhaps you are already undergoing home renovations, and you’d like to replace the windows to match the rest of your interior. Perhaps storm damage or accidental damage has shattered a window, or broken the sill, and you think it’s time to get better windows. Perhaps you’re tired of throwing your hard-earned money away on old windows that aren’t climate control friendly. Or maybe you’ve seen what professional window replacement can do for the look and feel of a home. Let beautiful sunlight in, but keep the excess heat out, with new energy efficient windows. Get the look and function you’ve always wanted with professional window replacement from the pros at My Roof and Home!

DIY vs. Professional Window Installation

If installing new home windows or doing your own window replacement was easy, everybody would do it. But the number of small factors involved in window replacement is astronomical, and one small misstep can ruin your entire project. What if your windows don’t come out to be perfectly level, or the pre-existing window slots weren’t cut correctly? What if you leave small gaps in the fittings that can totally eliminate all the energy efficient benefits of your brand-new windows? What if the latches aren’t perfect, and you make your home more susceptible to burglary? So, if you’re looking forward to the return on investment that new windows can bring to the value of your home, you might want to let a professional install your windows for you. If you need professional window installation for your home or business, or you’re just curious about whether new windows would be right for you, call the pros from My Roof and Home! We can make your next Window Installation Project your greatest home improvement project yet!

My Roof and Home is one of the highest-rated, fastest-growing, exterior construction and home renovation companies in Northwest Georgia and Metro Atlanta. If you need installation of New Home Windows or Replacement Windows in Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, or Harmony on the Lakes, My Roof and Home can help! Call us today!